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So I guess you could say I actually managed to finish this time. Though I would've liked to add more stuff and polish the mechanics and graphics, it's playable at least.

Graze is a bullet hell-style game where your goal is to destroy all your enemies, except you can't just shoot them.

In order to be able to fire your weapon, you need to absorb energy from the enemies' bullets, which is done by getting as close to the bullets as possible without getting hit. The closer you are, the faster your energy bar will fill up!

There are currently 8 waves of enemies, after which the game will start over (however, the difficulty will still continue to increase for every wave you defeat).


Arrow keys/WASD - Move

Z - Roll

X - Fire weapon

Escape - Return to title/close the game

Tools used:

Engine: Unity

Graphics: Paint.NET

Music: Autotracker

Sound effects: sfxr

Map editor: Tiled

(Note: This was the first game I ever made in Unity, so the source code is very, very ugly. :P)


Graze_update.zip 11 MB
Grace_Linux_update.zip 13 MB
Graze.app_update.zip 13 MB